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Karow Associates is an independent consulting firm specializing in helping start-up companies (and going concerns) maximize their results on the Internet through Internet marketing techniques and by using appropriate technology. We help organizations save money by using cloud computing and open source software to develop scalable IT infrastructures that reduce or eliminate the need for up-front hardware investment. By using public cloud resources, available from companies like Amazon Web Services, RackSpace and others, companies can have all the benefits of a highly secure and reliable data center at a fraction of the cost. We have been architecting cloud computing solutions since 2007.

We offer

  • Internet marketing
  • Cloud computing architecture design
  • Online application design and development
  • Software engineering

We draw on our own experience; we operate and market several of our own Internet businesses, and are marketing and/or technology partners in others. The company has developed a reputation for efficiency and quality in providing solutions. Serving a wide range of clients since 1987, Karow Associates is ready to help you with your Internet and cloud computing needs.


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